2 February 2012

Our lives are full of Poo !

Literally, we've been up to our eyeballs and poo and I haven't been able to update the blog. Paige has had a sick tummy since Monday I have never seen and smelt so much bad poo in my entire life. Each change required a complete strip down a bath and new bedding. So a pre-wash, and an extra rinse at 90C later we finally have some clean pjs and bedding again!that the clothing that I kept of course, quite a few pieces have gone straight to the nappy bin!
Her diarrhea and disposition has been so bad that there was some doubt whether she could go ahead with Chemo yesterday. Wilf walked into the room and agreed that he had never seen Paige looking so sad and pitiful before. In the end Dr Deem declared her well, albeit with a very sick tummy and suggested that we should proceed. Of course after Chemo she ate all the food that they brought for her, it was such a pleasant site. When she came home she walked around a bit and even smiled briefly.
Last night and this morning she continued her diarrhea, just lay around looking exhausted. She fell asleep again at about 10.30am and woke up ravenous. Finally by about 4pm, her tummy settled down and she started smiling again, and even gave us cuddles. She ate a hearty dinner and then went to bed. I think that it's the Dex that's upsetting her, unfortunately she has to have another round next week and then again for 5 days every month until her treatment ends in June next year. Oh happy days.
Fortunately for her, her next round of Chemo is next week Wednesday, so she can have a much needed break until then.

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