29 February 2012

Home Again

I think that the joy of being discharged yesterday combined with having to look after the kids by myself till 10.00pm, so that Russell could catch up at work, eliminated all chances of the blog being updated last night!

I am very pleased to report that our lovely Miss Paige seems to be on the mend, she's had a good lunch, has kept her temperature down and even managed to be poo free for the last 12 hours :-) She's in such a good mood, this morning I said to her let's take your temperature and she ran off saying 'catch... me'. Tonight when I asked her to take her clothes off for the bath, she stripped put her stuff in the dirty basket, then promptly stepped on the scale to be weighed.

This is her refusing to sleep on Sunday at the hospital at 9.30pm, she pulled the TV down and turned it down

this is a pic of her yesterday morning before leaving the hospital, she no longer likes the camera

and finally Sam giving her a huge cuddle when we got home :-)

Good night to all.....


  1. i hope she's home for good and things continue to look up!

  2. thank you Stacey, hope that things are well with you....