9 February 2012

Hello Kitty

Paige, enjoying her new toy, a lovely gift from best buddy JoBo. She has been in the hospital for the last three days..this latest round of chemotherapy has hit her hard. In addition to being very tired, it's payed havoc with her digestive system. She has been on a lactose free diet for the last month, but in the last week she had very bad diarrhoea and lost nearly half a kilo. Lisa was so concerned on Tuesday that we called the hospital and Paige was admitted, with an immediate IV to replace the lost fluids, and a course of antibiotics. 

The dietitian and doctors have decided that she should steer clear of all milk and milk-like products (we had bought soya milk, soya yoghurts and Lactofree products). Now only non-dairy butter will be allowed (due to the small quantities). This is shame because she loves the yoghurts, and they are a great way to get calcium in her diet. Now she will probably have to take a supplement. 

I stayed with her last night and today and she is looking a bit better, and eating a lot better. She wolfed down two sausages for lunch! However, she can't decide what she wants to eat. We went through the entire stock of snacks several times today, but only the carrot puffs were a winner. The chemotherapy affects her tastes and I guess that, after each round, everything she liked before tastes different. She ate blackcurrant jam on its own this morning, probably because it has a strong flavour (and is sweet). Given the limited selection of foods that she can eat, we shall have to try and flavour up vegetables with spices such as black pepper, turmeric, cardamom and ginger, the last two of which at least aid digestion.

The course of antibiotics will run until tomorrow, but Lisa thinks she will need to remain in the hospital for another few days. At least we have our own room, but Sam is missing his sister, and his mother. So fingers crossed that she will be home soon.

While we continue to battle Paige's illness, in Barbados yesterday a sailor lost his battle with another. A great sailor, a great businessman and a great guy. RIP Shane.

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