20 February 2012

Touch and Go

Paige had a restless night and woke up a bit unhappy. She settled at last later in the day then had a huge explosion in her nappy followed by a temp of 38C. Luckily she's still on a once daily anti biotics so I was able to give her Calpol and monitor her at home. We had a long afternoon nap, so she was a bit unsettled again tonight but eventually fell asleep at about 9.00pm, temp is still under 37.5C so that's also good.
Both Sam and Paige have had such an unsettled couple of weeks it'll take us some time to get them back into a routine again.

Not a very good, clear picture but it was difficult to keep them still!

The plan for the rest of the week is a doctor's review and bloods again on Wednesday to determine whether she may need a transfusion and if her potassium levels are back up to normal. Once her neutrophils are back up she needs to continue with the rest of her Delayed Intensification which might start next Tuesday with a lumbar puncture.

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