18 February 2012

Home for the afternoon

Paige has managed to keep her temp down and is now walking around, playing and smiling alot more so they let her come home between doses of anti-biotics this afternoon. She was home from 12.30 till 6.30pm. It was absolute bliss for us all to be at home.
Unfortunately her tummy is still not well and she has 3 poos while here :-( but unlike before, she now tells me immediately and wants to be changed, she's also not crying while I change her either, so she must not be as sore as she was previously. The docs have advised that it could take as much as 4-6 weeks for her gut to recover.
In the meanwhile her super daddy has made her dairy free brioche with and without chocolate chips. Brioche was one of her favorites. As well as a mild curry for dinner which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Look at her tucking into the bone, proper west indian style ! (dressed in another of Sam's pjs of course)

Just being able to sit with Paige and Sam and watch TV and hear her laughter and giggles again was like sweet music to our ears. She's also still eating and drinking well which is another good sign.
So hopefully her temp will stay down and she'll be discharged tomorrow pending the results of her blood cultures. Fingers and toes crossed.......

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