25 February 2012

Our poorly little girl :-(

Paige was allowed home this afternoon between doses of anti biotics and initially seemed quite well, albeit with a cold and still a bit weak but smiling and happy in her brothers pajamas :-)
After her nap she woke up with a temp again and it continued for an hour later and she was miserable, so Russell and Paige headed back to the hospital at 7.30pm ,she was due back by 9.00pm anyway. Her blood results are back and she has a C-Reactive Protein (CRP) of 31 (normal is less than 5), so there's definitely something brewing, I guess we'll find out when her cultures are back tomorrow. We were hoping that she would be released tomorrow but if she continues with a fever that won't happen.
My poor baby has been through the wars this month and now she's faced with high fevers and being miserable, how much pain and trauma must this poor little girl have, as the saying goes this will all make us stronger, so I guess in the end we'll all be made of steel!

the boys making pasta tonight

Paige eating her pancakes on Thursday morning :-)

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