22 February 2012

No Change

Paige is still not much of a breakfast person but she makes up for it later in the day. After her review with the doctor, they have decided to let her continue on anti-biotics for another 48 hours and have another review on Friday. She now has a runny nose and a cough. Dr Millard did a chest X ray today just to be sure that her chest was clear, and it was. She continues to have temps above 38C which is still a worry for me but I guess it's consistent with a virus. Her blood results were quite similar to all of this week her neutrophils are still 0.1. Her tummy is till not better but she seems to have less cramps and the dietician has found her some dairy free cheese and desserts, so we're off to the health food shops to try them tomorrow, not sure how they'll taste though :-)

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