14 February 2012

Still at Hotel QA

I spent the morning with Sam and Russell stayed overnight with Paige. She slept all morning and had a good lunch. Dr Millard was happy with her improvement over the last 24 hours and felt that we could be discharged by tomorrow after having 48 hours of hydration. If Paige continues to eat and drink and look well. By this afternoon however she seemed quite uncomfortable again, and had a pretty bad tummy so I am not so sure that we will be home bound tomorrow.
Tomorrow is her last dose of Dex until she starts maintenance, so I expected that we will have the worst of her sick tummy tomorrow and Thursday and that hopefully we'll be home by Friday.
I'm home again with Sam and Russell is doing the night shift. Hopefully this is the worst of it and we'll have our happy little girl back again in a couple of days. Despite all her pain and weakened state she continues to hold fast on her independence! She continues to feed herself even though she is barely able to lift the spoon and will only accept help after many failed attempts and we're only allowed to give her a few spoonfuls until she wants to do it herself again. We also got a couple of smiles today for which we were extremely grateful, hopefully we'll get some more tomorrow.

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