3 February 2012

Still Sick

Paige's tummy was a bit better today in that we didn't have to do a complete strip down and bath, but she is clearly still in pain based on her sad, pained expressions and behavior when we need need to change her. However just when I thought things were getting better as I put her in the car this afternoon so that we could collect Sam from school we had the biggest projectile vomit. Let's just say that her car seat is still on the ground in front of our house after my failed attempt to clean it. Strangely though she was starving right afterwards and wanted to eat more of the same risotto that I made for her! I think that she ate too quickly and it made her stomach upset.
Dr Morgan finally returned my call with an apology late this evening and suggested that we start her with Omeprazole a gastric inhibitor, she also agreed in principle that we could switch her steroid from Dexamethazone to Prednisolone but would speak to Louise Millard on Monday to confirm, hopefully this will provide some relief to Paige, her next round of steroids start again on Wednesday next week.
We're all looking forward to a quiet weekend that is poo and sick free so that my beautiful baby's stomach can heal itself.

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