21 February 2012

Still touch and Go

I wake up every morning and hope that it's going to be better than the last and that Paige has healed a little bit more. At breakfast Sam says 'mummy I'm really happy that Paigey is at home'. We had a pretty quiet morning painting, drawing and colouring, Paige ended up with marker spots on her cheek and head.
I gave her a dose of anti-biotics then we dropped Sam off to school. She slept for about 3 hours then woke up with another temperature of 38.2C. This time I was advised not to give her Calpol if she wasn't grumpy and to try and bring her temp down. It seems that this current nightmare will never end! Luckily her temp dropped and was 36.2C at our last check.
She is walking around alot more, albeit with a peculiar limp on her right and her appetite has stayed in check, her weight also seems to have stabilized at 9.9kgs.
So a good night to all and fingers crossed that there are no early morning trips to the QA!

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