30 January 2012

Demon Dex Day 5

She woke up smiling at Sam this morning and said "Mr Popoos" so that was a good start she even managed some chocolate milk for breakfast. When we stepped outside this morning it was snowing, very light flurries but snow nonetheless and they loved it, Sam even tried to tasted> Of course he quickly complained that it was wetting his glasses!
She was a bit better today not much crying but still needing lots of cuddles, my arms and shoulders are now paying for that, so this will definitely be a short entry. Another strange effect of this Chemo is that she is refusing to have a bath, one of the events that she looks forward to most. Her tummy is also obviously affected and she doubles over with stomach cramps. To top it all off those two new canines are popping through.
Tonight at bedtime she was briefly back to her old self giggling and throwing herself on the bed, Sam and I even got cuddles and kisses from her, on a normal day kisses are quite few and far between so it was a welcome treat for both of us :-)
Tomorrow hopefully she'll be even better and eat some food! Pity though as soon as she recovers it's time for the next round on Wednesday - how cruel is that?

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