17 February 2012

She's home :-)

Paige was discharged today :-) She's still a bit weak and her tummy isn't yet better but her mood is already on the mend, I got smiles and giggles at lunch time. In fact when Sam came home she rushed over and helped him to take off his coat then they shared a warm, long hug :-).
Sam is thrilled that his sister is at home and so are we. It's strange what can make you happy during these times, Sam and I went food shopping and I found a hazelnut drink and an Almond Milk that Paige can have! I must admit that I smiled all the way around the grocery. Poor child hasn't had any milk since she's gone dairy free more than a week ago.

This is her snacking last night

 I deliberately didn't post this last night as she started to feel warm by 8 ish, I didn't wank to jinx her but as it turned out nothing mattered. She was a bit miserable by bedtime and we all fell asleep at about 10.30pm. Sam came screaming and running into the bedroom at 2.00am and when I felt her she was burning up, a temp of 38.7C. Russell took her to the hospital and she will be there for a minimum of 48 hours and on anti boitics until her cultures are back :-(. So we'll def be spending the weekend at the hospital, because she is neutropenic they'll probably find it hard pressed to allow her home between doses of anti-biotics until she is really well.

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