17 January 2013

Happy New Year - Finally

Happy New Year!

I finally have a chance to update the blog.


Kevin and Renee arrived on Dec 16th to spend the holidays with us the kids were absolutely thrilled. The holidays started off with afternoon tea on Monday. On Tuesday 18th Paige has her 12 weekly LP. It was her first one without a Central Line and her arms were quite bruised afterwards, the genius anesthetist manged to use the one spot on her arm where we didn't put and numbing cream and so she was quite bruised from the cannula afterwards. We only put cream in 5 other places! This particular anesthetist I have to mention is the most obnoxious person that I have ever met and her bedside manner is non-existent. I have now had the displeasure of seeing her three times and each time a  member of the PB team has apologized to me on her behalf. Anyways Paige was fine afterwards.

We all enjoyed a fun day in London, which started with a visit to Aunty Kathy then a ride on the London Eye in a private pod - Thank you Kathy! We then had lunch and a visit to the London Aquarium. The kids had a fantastic time and Paige absolutely loved being on the train and just generally out and about - it was of course her first trip to London.

Christmas was uneventful and there were no trips to the hospital! Since Paige's line has been removed we now have a completely different child, she is stronger, more outgoing and more interactive with us and other people as well. Her vocabulary and sentence structures have also improved!

All dressed up in ribbons before I turned them into bows :-)

Christmas morning, she got exactly what she asked Santa for a pink kitchen!

Evidence of her greater interaction - having fun with Aunty Kathy

Paige had her Vincristine via a cannula for the first time on Dec 31st and Russel said to me that it was quite "an emotional experience", all went well however and we breathed a sigh of relief. Only 6 more to go! She came home and reported that the doctor hurt her when they put a cannula in her arm :-(

By the end of her Dex week, we were all pulling out our hair but equally excited because Kevin and Renee's blessing was coming up.

Paige kept practising throwing her flower petals and trying on her 'wedding dress'

By the big day January 5th she was ready!

Kevin and Renee left the following day and Paige still asks for them everyday :-( Of course Samuel wants to move to Trinidad so that he can live in a warm country.

Last weekend we had a slight hiccup and Paige was admitted to hospital because of a temperature and neutrophils that had dropped to 0.6. She only spent two nights and was discharged with oral anti-biotics. Russel did the run and said that she was really co-operative. Reports from Paige when she returned home were that the doctor hurt her again. She also commented that the grown-ups say silly things to her while she is at the hospital! Her neutophils are now at 0.3, so that she is house bound and still coughing quite a bit.

Russell is away till Saturday and Rachel and Ollie, the parents of one of Samuel's schoolmates Louis have kindly offered to both drop and pick up Sam from school today and tomorrow so that Paige does not have to be exposed to both the cold and the germs at school. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people around us to help out when needed. Thank you Rachel and Ollie :-)

Hopefully updates will resume weekly, she has a follow up clinic and bloods next Monday at QA