27 February 2012

Home for a short while :-)

Paige was full of beans last night and didn't go to bed till 10.00pm!

Anyway she slept reasonably well, as things considered, namely observations at 3.00am and anti-biotics at 5.15am. She woke up at 8.00am and was all smiles. When Dr Millard saw her, she was quite pleased with how well she looked and said that if her temperature stayed down we could go home for the afternoon and possibly be discharged by tomorrow. Paige spent the morning walking up and down the corridor and riding in the car in the play room. Tracey the play specialist brought her tons of messy stuff to play with too.

Her temp stayed down and we came home. She enjoyed stew chicken and dumplings for dinner and we'll head back by 8.00pm.
Of course Sam's pre-school is now rife with kids going home with high temperatures, apparently three were sent home today, so unfortunately we'll have to watch this space.

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