12 February 2012

Another dismal day for Paige with us giving her syringe after syringe of medicine and my constant assurance that changing her nappy will not hurt. Of course she doesn't believe us anymore :-(
Not much has changed today, she is still very weak and despondent. Her day is spent eating puffs of corn, crying and lying in bed. She can cope with bouts of about 15 mins out of bed and she is exhausted again.
Samuel has been an absolute star in all of this he is extremely sensitive to Paige's inability to have any chocolate, yoghurts and generally any snacks at all. He will always ask "Mummy is Paigey allowed to have this?" or will quickly fill his mouth in the kitchen before going into the lounge if she is there. He is also very affected by seeing her so ill, even said to me on Friday when we were discharged from the hospital

Samuel: "Mummy Paige is never, ever, ever again to have any chemotherapy"
Me: "why"
Samuel: "because it makes her sick and she has to stay at the hospital"

Tonight I asked for his help to distract her when I needed to change her nappy but he has just come out of the bath so he said "Mummy give me two minutes to get ready, ok?" he then rushed over to her room, caressed her head and sang her a song, she still cried so he dashed over to his room to get her a story book........

This shot was taken this afternoon during her 15 mins being out of bed, it was difficult, if not impossible to get a shot of her smiling so I gave up and decided that I would use this one anyway, her pjs don't match because the pants/trousers were soiled and she doesn't like being changed! This an expression that we have unfortunately become quite used to.

We've still got two more days of Dex. Every night I pray for Paige to get better and be in less pain and for me to have enough wherewithal to make it through the day.......

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