3 March 2012

Enjoying our week

Jenny from the community team joined us for a cup of tea and early morning bloods on Thursday at 8.15am , she was worried that she had woken us up, little did she know that Sam, Paige and I had alreday had our first cuppa in bed at 6.30am!
Anyway blood results were back pretty soon since Wilf our oncology specialist is heading off on vacation for a week! Her blood is recovering albeit slowly but they are heading in the right direction, she now has neutrophils of 0.5, so barring any issues on the weekend we should be heading to the Piam Brown Ward on Tuesday next week for a VERY long day of Chemo and hydration and to finally kick off this last bit of her final intensive block of Chemo. I must admit that I was a bit nervous going to bed on Thursday given the last two weeks!

On Friday after early morning milk and breakfast Paige laid out the table so that she and Sam could have a tea party :-). She seems to be really enjoying her almond milk now. By the afternoon she ran out of almond milk and we tried a chocolate milk made from coconut milk, Sam seemed to like it more than Paige and asked for a second cup, but she did give it a try. I must admit it tasted quite nice and had a proper coconut flavor.

Tea party

Her appetite has picked up wonderfully, she's happy, mobile and talkative. She's even managed to keep her poos down to once per day, but she still seems to be in some pain when she is having one :-(

Saturday we had a quiet day at home and just enjoyed watching Paige run around or eat or pretty much anything that she wanted! She didn't seem very hungry today and managed to have 3 poos but I'm hoping it was just a one off and she'll be fine again tomorrow.

Plans for next week include bloods on Monday morning, clinic at QA in the afternoon. Once the all clear is given, she resumes her chemo on Tuesday. Starting with a lumbar puncture in the am, followed by Cytarabine and Cyclophosphamide (Cyclo) in the afternoon. Cyclo is the chemo that requires 1/2hr hydration prior to the chemo itself. Approx 1/2hr for the Chemo and another 3 1/2 hrs hydration afterwards. So approx 5hrs.
Cytarabine will continue on Wed/Thurs and Friday at home.

So looking forward to a quiet day at home again tomorrow, we've decided that it's not worth the risk to take her out.

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