30 June 2011

Ate solid food today

For the first time in about 10 days, Paige actually had some real lunch, a risotto with squash and spinach, and she even had a fromage frais after wards! I suspect it had something to do with her 3 hour nap. She was quite clingy today and she is starting to look quite tired and pale. The cumulative effect of four weeks of Chemo seems to be taking it's toll and her hemoglobin is down to 72, so I suspect that she may have a transfusion soon, it also explains why she had a 3 hour nap at mid morning. It's so amazing to watch her though, she's tired but doesn't want to miss out on anything and also wants to maintain her independence by climbing up the stairs for her bath. She seems to be longing for a bath in the big bath with Sam but I suspect she can't till her neutrophils are back up again.
Tomorrow is her last dose of Cytrabine for the week and she goes on to some much needed maintenance so that her body can heal itself for the next onslaught of intensive Chemotherapy in 5 weeks time. With the combination of her inner strength and all the love and prayers that she is blessed with, she'll get through this phase and be ready for the next!

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