27 June 2011

Baby got new shoes

I finally braved it to the shops today with Paige so that she could finally get her first 'proper pair of shoes' and yes she definitely has her father's feet, at a size 4G, quite unfortunate really, but there's not much that I can do about it. The plan was that I get to the shops early when it's less crowded, given that she is still presumed to be neutropenic. Not a chance, we got to Fareham at 10.30am and it was absolutely heaving. Anyway I think that Paige loved being somewhere other that the hospital and our house and it was an absolute scorcher today at 26C at 10.30am!
She's losing a bit of weight now, and she is slowly starting to eat again she had strips of toast and broccoli for lunch today. She also wants to feed herself.
Paige is still extremely fortunate that she is so well. She crawls around on the floor, fights with Samuel, tip toes so that she can get into mischief and she particularly likes being on the trampoline! All the while becoming more and more vocal.
She starts Chemo again tomorrow, Cytarabine at Piam Brown and that continues for 4 days. This is the last week of this type of Chemo and consolidation ends this week. She may have a week off next week and she then goes onto Maintenance which will last for five weeks.
We are still anxiously awaiting the results of her MRD (minimum residual disease) which is now way overdue. I'll be checking again when we are at Piam Brown tomorrow. Will keep you guys posted.

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