28 June 2011

MRD Results

Don't know how Paige is managing this but she now weighs 10.25kg up a wee bit by 0.1kg from last week, which is  a miracle considering all she has is breakfast, small amounts of formula and Gerber puffs that her Uncle Kevin sends for her. She was also in the mood for some Doritos today. She went into the snack basket as I was packing away the groceries and my cheeky daughter managed to press on the packet and open it up I met her on the floor eating Doritos and of course it was all over the floor! She greeted me with the most beautiful smile though :-)
We headed down to Piam Brown today for the 1st dose of the final lot of Cytarabine this week, as well as a doctors review, and of course the usual catch up with our friends, Joseph and May (the two other infants) and our other friends that we've met along the way. Sam accompanied us to the hospital today and made sure to keep his sister 'nice and safe' as well as tell everyone don't touch her unless their hands were clean! We saw Mary today and she shared the good news ** Paige's Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) is quite low, this means that she is responding very well to the level of chemotherapy that she is being administered. Other literature that I have read suggests that a low MRD is a good indicator but not a guarantee that she has a good chance of being cured. Dr Morgan can't commit but advised that she has seen cases with a low MRD  where the disease has returned and cases with a high MRD where a cure was achieved. For now we're just ecstatic that her MRD result is available and low.
As expected Paige's blood is almost wiped out and she may require a blood transfusion by the end of the week, blood tests will be done again on Thursday afternoon and a decision made on Friday. She be back at QA for a doctor's review on Monday, so if not this week, definitely by next week.
She's asleep now tired from the day's events of the usual dancing, playing with Sam, climbing the stairs and playing with her Mama and Papa Boyz. Of course even though she was knackered she refused to go to sleep at the appointed time because she knew that we were celebrating her 'Mama's' birthday and wanted to be there to sing along and dance. So we'll end tonight by saying a big Happy Birthday to Paige's grandmother who likes being called "Mama" .


  1. What WONDERFUL news about the MRD result!! Well done Paige. xx

  2. Good news about the results. She is an amazing little girl and just continues to surprise us all. Will give you a call later today. Elfrieda

  3. Katie O'Sullivan30 June 2011 at 15:23

    Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for doing this blog, I often check to see how Paige is getting on and I'm so pleased she seems to be responding well to the treatment. She looks so bright and cheeky in her pictures! Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.
    Katie and family xx