15 June 2011

Posting comments

Many people have told us that they have had difficulty posting comments to the Blog. Blogspot accepts several different profiles: Live Journal (www.livejournal.com), Wordpress (wordpress.org), Typepad (www.typepad.com), AOL (openid.aol.com), openID (openid.net) and, of course, Google. 

However, after a bit of research, I have now changed the settings so that anyone can post a comment without needing one of the profiles above. Sorry for the confusion and we look forward to hearing from you.



  1. Kirsty Alleyne16 June 2011 at 07:30

    Have often wanted to comment and not been able to. Glad she's been coping so well with this phase of treatment, thanks for keeping us all updated so regularly x

  2. Thanks Russ! I managed to find a way but due to being very technically challenged I thought it was me being dim.