22 June 2011

Cyclophosphamide Dose 2

Paige had a really long day today which started at the QA hospital. The little madame decided that she'd had enough of the cot at 4.00am and we then shared my 2ft cot bed. That really wasn't much fun. Anyway Paige's great aunt came all the way from New York to see her and other things on a brief 5 day visit to London and what do we do ? spend the night at QA while Aunty Elsie spent the night at home.
Anyway we spent a long but quite pleasant day getting to know May, a beautiful baby girl and her Mum Amy. We've met so many wonderful families along the way and it's simply obscene how sick all these beautiful children are, many with a very rare type of cancer.
It reminds me how fortunate we are that even though Paige is afflicted with this horrible disease, so far she has been relatively well and responding to her treatment. She is still extremely active and everyone on the ward today noticed how vocal she has become! She particularly loved when the clowns came round her bed for a visit.
After spending the day and getting up to date with everyone, I'm filled with too many emotions that are quite difficult to express, so I would like to ask that everyone praying for Paige please add baby May and little Abigail to their prayers for tonight.

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