2 June 2011

June 2nd - Still no go :-(

We took Paige down to Piam Brown again today, however her neutrophils are still too low at 0.4, so she could not have any chemotherapy. Her consultant Mary Morgan, has looked at her blood film and confirmed that she could not see any abnormal cells. The new plan is that we go to the hospital again on Monday and if her count is above 0.5, (the requirement is normally 0.75) they'll start her chemo. Her CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) results were negative for a 5th week in a row so we are super pleased about that!

So we carry on waiting, since there isn't anything else that we can do and hope that's Paige's neutrophils picks up so that she can crack on with her treatment. In the meanwhile she is still very happy and getting stronger every day. She even climbed our entire flight of stairs yesterday and seemed most pleased with herself :-)

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