9 June 2011

It's a go

10:00 - Paige's Neutrophil count is still only 0.3, but Mary had decided to go ahead with the second stage of treatment. This is on the basis of good counts of WBC, Hb and platelets, and also because the bone marrow sample taken on Tuesday was clear.

The first step is a dose of cyclophosphamide, which will take 6 hours in total. She will also have oral chemo for the next four days.



  1. Hey loveley,
    Tried phoning you back today, we were thinking so much of you today especially after reading the blog yesterday. Hope the little angel is ok after everything today. Will cal you tomorrow. Elf

  2. Great to hear you all got the green light for the second stage. We continue to hold Paige Patricia in our prayers every day/night, and hold both of you in our hearts too. Love, John and Angela