10 June 2011

June 9th - Consolidation begins

Paige wore her beautiful dress from her Aunty Gail today and we headed down for Piam Brown, a rather uneventful trip and Paige slept all the way, because she was up from 2.30am to 4.30am and then for good at 6.05am. The staff were ready for us and her blood was taken within minutes and sent down to the lab. The ever passionate Mary went to the lab herself and sat with the technician and evaluated the results. Her sample was clear and there isn't a relapse - THANK GOD. So even though Paige's neutrophils were 0.3 Mary gave the go ahead to start her consolidation because she was happy that her blood was recovering albeit slowly. So she will not be given any further oral chemotherapy drug Mercaptopurine as per her protocol because by the process of elimination this is the most likely cause of her low neutrophil count. This has happened to another patient previously, so they're not surprised.
So she started her Consolidation phase today with a drug called Cyclophospharamide and cytarabine. Cytarabine will continue over the next four days and we have been warned that she may become ill.

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