13 June 2011

June 12th - Rainy days are here again

Paige is still not sleeping through the night and readily scoffs at her food but we must press on! We headed down to Paim Brown today for her 4th dose of Cytarabine, we almost needed a boat it was raining so heavily! What should have taken 20 minutes, managed to stretch out to nearly 2 hours. Paige's line site was a bit red and crusty so I asked that the senior sister look at it because she looked at it yesterday as well. Unfortunately she was on ward rounds with the doctor soon after we arrived so we needed to wait till she was finished. In the end they changed her dressing and took a swab to send to the lab, one can never be too careful when it comes to caring for the Central Lines, as it can easily become infected. We spent the time catching up with our friends on Piam Brown and wishing Abigail another oncology patient who was diagnosed the same time as us, a happy 6th birthday. Sam especially made the trip to the hospital with me so that he could give her the presents.
Paige is in bed now and already woke up screaming 45 minutes later, poor heart she must not be feeling right but cannot express what she needs or feels. If her food/drink and medicine rejection continues I'm afraid that we'll be going down the route of a food tube.....
Her week will begin with a quite day tomorrow, followed by her 8th Lumbar Puncture and 1st Birthday on Tuesday :-) Then Chemo for the next 4 days as long as she is well, regardless of her neutrophil count.
It still hasn't stopped raining.

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