23 June 2011

Grandpa is here

Paige's grandfather know as "Papa Boyz" arrived today and was greeted by a cheeky smile. Then the suitcase was emptied and it was like Christmas for the kids with lots of pressies from the family in Trinidad! Even mummy got early birthday presents and we got Gail's lovely treats. Even the community nurses were pleased with the treats especially since they were working flat out today. Sister Sharon had a rumbly in her tumbly! It's wonderful having daddy here and by dinner time he was feeding Sam while entertaining Paige so that I could have my dinner :-). Paige obviously remembers her Papa and is giving him lots of her special smiles.
She had her 3rd dose of Cytarabine today and we've now restarted her oral chemotherapy at home, a drug called mercaptopurine, which miraculously enough Paige is quite happy to take! this is after refusing all oral meds for the past two weeks. Her appetite is slowly improving and she is quite willing to drink water from her cup several times a day now.

Paige has developed some small spots on her arms and we are keeping a close eye on it for any signs of them increasing, any temperatures or if the spots become red or filled with liquid. She has 7 in her left hand and 3 on her right. As at the end of today, none of the above have happened.
I requested training so that I could flush her line myself and it began today, I must say the details are much more involved that the nurses make it look! So I've got all my kit to practice drawing up the stuff and I'll get to try it out next week I believe.

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