19 June 2011

June 19th - Happy Father's Day

Paige climbed onto our bed all by herself  this morning! Milestone for her :-)
Quite an uneventful weekend, she had her 4th dose of cytarabine at QA yesterday and we came home, her appetite is a bit diminished but I've come to expect that after 4 doses of Chemo. She'll have her drug free day tomorrow and hopefully eat better. She's looking really well despite her low hemoglobin (89) and neutrophil count (0.4) and continues to be so active and alert, climbing the stairs every chance she gets when the stair gate is open. One of her favorite pastimes is emptying all the items from the bottom shelf of the occasional table in the kitchen.
We celebrated father's day with a spinach, artichoke dip, followed by stewed pork and mummy's yummy roti. We ended with a peach cake for dessert. Sam decided that we should have a cake since it was a day of celebration, he obviously liken the day to a 'birthday'. We were all sitting at the table merrily having lunch, when Sam raised his cup of juice and said "Cheers everybody", he obviously knew that it was a special occasion and that he should wish his dad a happy father's day. Sam continues to amaze us.

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