17 March 2012

Got Blood?

Paige wasn't a happy bunny again today, she was quite unsettled, unhappy and not herself this morning. So we were quite pleased that we had taken the decision to have her blood transfusion done today. Russell took her to the hospital and all went smoothly with the transfusion, apparently she slept through most of it. By this afternoon she still wasn't herself and her temperature was rising, by 7.00pm she was up to 38C and we made the call and got her there pretty quickly, she just didn't seem right.
So our 'date night' was spent at the hospital tonight, while Kathy stayed at home with Sam. We hadn't planned on going out anyway, but Kathy had kindly offered to look after the kids so that we could go out to dinner.
So the normal drill, she was started on another IV antibiotic which is given every 8 hours, blood cultures were done and we we have to get yet another urine sample to ensure that the infection is sensitive to the new anti biotic. So Paige will be at the QA for a minimum of 48 hours until her blood cultures are back. She was absolutely miserable when the team needed to examine tonight her but she finally settled and fell asleep at about 9.30pm. Russell is staying with her tonight.
I was quite looking forward to spending my first Mother's Day in this country (I've spent the last 3 Mother's Day in the Caribbean) with my beautiful children, but alas that is not meant to be :-(

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  1. I have just started reading your blog. I didn't know Paige had one. Sorry to hear Paige is not too well at present, but always be positive.

    I left a message yesterday, but for some reason it didn't work.

    I think of you often and wish you all the best.

    Love from Denise (Celine's Mum in NZ) XO