6 March 2012

Cyclo - Complete

We had a long but pleasant day at the hospital today.

Paige woke up quite happy and walked over to the shower to greet her daddy, whilst Sam was really grumpy when Russell woke him up. Paige was first on the Lumbar Puncture (LP) list today and was out by 9.30am. What happens at the hospital is that all kids due for an LP are asked to be at the hospital by 8.30am and then the youngest are usually done first, which is usually Paige.
By 1040 her hydration started and we were very pleased. Ideally other chemo for outpatients can't begin until the intrathecal (via the spinal fluid administered during the LP) chemotherapy is complete. We also had lots of visitors today, Sarah our CLIC sargent stopped by for a chat and a giggle. Naomi our Pediatric Oncology Nurse Specialist (POONS) stopped by to catch up and steal a cuddle from Paige. We also had a long chat with Mary who was fully up to speed with Paige's recent hospital visits and felt sympathy for her tummy but had seen quite a few other cases as well, one of which required a feeding tube. So all things considered Paige still seems to be ahead of the game with her tummy even though it is extremely painful for her.
She recovered quite quickly from her LP this morning and was very thirsty, by the afternoon she was enjoying the sunshine and smiling brightly, she's actually attached to an IV in this pic

So far so good, she's had a long day and is now asleep, she'll continue with Chemo tomorrow.

Finally a pic of Paige smiling :-)

The team at the hospital today were very attentive and on the ball in terms of getting things done on a timely basis so we were back home in record time - Well done to them for making a potentially difficult day go very smoothly....

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