23 March 2012

Temp of 38.9C

Yesterday was quite a warm sunny afternoon so Paige and I walked around the pond while Sam had his haircut. Afterwards when we came home Paige's temp rose to 37.9C at 4.30pm. After her bath etc it increased to 38.0C by 8.00pm. So we packed our bags and made the call to CAU. She's still on anti-biotics so we have a tiny bit of leeway in terms of waiting an hour to see if her temp will decrease on it's own. We feel quite certain that her illness is viral and fluctuations in her temperature is expected. The risk of being wrong however has such dire consequences that we must always follow protocol. When the consultant on duty phone us back her temperature had decreased to 37.5C and it was 36.9 by our bedtime so we got to enjoy another night at home.
She woke up this morning happy, hungry and thirsty. Russell has been at home all week looking after the kids and I due to my cold, which was not getting any better and I was slowly loosing my voice. I must say that I was quite impressed with the decision taken by the GP who was very sensible indeed! He suggested that I start on a brown inhaler and he gave me a prescription for anti-biotics. Unlike Caribbean doctors, English doctors hardly ever prescribe anti-biotics unless your are in dire straights. He suggested that I hold off taking the AB because I didn't need then, but that I should speak to Paige's consultant and if she felt that I needed to do everything possible to get better then I should take them.
Paige and Russell headed down to QA for her review with Dr Walker, but unfortunately when he got there she had spiked to 38.9C so there was no chance of them coming back home. We now know the drill so well, so finger crossed results will be back by Sunday and she'll be at home. So our Mother's Day celebrations will be delayed by another week.
When I dropped off their supplies this afternoon she was in good spirits and so was Russell, who unfortunately has had to do some really long shifts in the hospital, we've decided that I shouldn't be coughing all over 'his' daughter!
I never thought that I would say this but I am so looking forward to Paige having her steroids next week so that her body can heal and she can get better, every day I wake up and wish for her bloods to improve and for her to finally feel better and be back to her usual self. Her neutrophils seem to be on the way up now at 0.2.

Good night all

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