12 March 2012

Home Stretch for intensive chemo

I think that our day changed with the weather today! It started off pretty foggy and so was Paige, she wasn't sick but wasn't quite well either and looked as if she would throw up at any moment. So I delayed dropping Sam to school and waited it out. By 10ish she looked better as the sun came out so we dropped Sam off to school. Of course Jenny the community nurse was here bright and early again at 8.15am to do bloods, she suffered the third degree again from Sam who needed to know why she only needed one syringe of blood today, rather than the two she took last time.
By midday Paige got even more tired and fell asleep, she woke up screaming after a while because she had done an explosive poo, all over the bed again! I decided today that Paige is truly, truly amazing and she must be made out of steel. Imagine being asleep, waking up to an explosive poo that is all over a large portion of your body. You're then stripped and wiped down with warm cotton wool, halfway through your mother starts running up and down the stairs and speaking on the phone, because your dressing needs to be changed because it's also got poo on it!!!!!!
I kept telling her not to cry and I would change her as quickly as I could and she would respond 'ok'. She lay there quietly, half naked and possibly cold with her arm up so that I could see what I was doing. We sang the wheels on the bus which provided a good rhythm to remove the dressing and keep her distracted. After it was all over I realized that there can't be many 20 month olds that can stay so calm and co-operative during such a stressful event!
She was in fine form by tonight, running around and asking Sam to 'catch me' she even allowed me to tickle her tummy :-) which suggests that it's not so tender anymore.
Tomorrow she has another Lumbar Puncture followed by Cytarabine and this continues for another three days. Her blood results seemed quite low to me but are apparently normal/expected given where she is in the treatment, if she continues to go down, she may require a transfusion sometime soon.
So keep those prayers and positive thoughts flowing as we get her through this final intensive block and hopefully life becomes a bit easier for her over the next couple of months

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