7 March 2012

When I woke up this morning I thought 'today is going to be a really good day' the kids had both slept through the night in their own beds and they both woke up happy as well. It would have been our first quiet day at home just Paige and I. No hospital trips were planned and Sam was dropped off to preschool. Then the phone rang, the community nursing team did not have anyone that is authorized to do Chemo at home so Paige and I now needed to head down to QA so that she could have have her dose of Cytarabine. Although seemingly a trite issue I was so annoyed... plus it was raining and Paige started coughing again today.
Anyway needs must, we headed down and it was so amazingly seamless I couldn't believe it! Sister Lorraine was prepped and ready for us so much so that as we entered CAU she turned our way from the ward!! She was finished and we were on our way out within 1/2 hour an absolute record for us, leaving no doubt as to why Lorraine is the ward manager!!! She is super efficient and very matter of fact, my kinda people. When I told her how I felt, she said to me 'there's no need to apologize, with the level of stress that you have to deal with if the beans are in the cupboard the wrong way it might tick you off! She certainly hit the nail on the head.

Paige was very happy today, walking around, giving me instructions and asking to watch TV, but not just any old thing only Peppa Pig or Fireman Sam. Her food intake wasn't great, but she also didn't have a poo today. I think that she got smart and realised that if she ate less she would be in less pain when it came out :-) Blood results today showed neutrophils improving and everything else static. It is expected that all will fall again by the weekend, and she will soon become neutropenic again....sigh

On a brighter note both kids went to bed and fell asleep on their own tonight, such progress with sleeping this week, I guess the guy upstairs decided that we should have a wee break after the last couple of weeks.
Anyway another dose of Chemo is due tomorrow, hopefully at home, as Sam is at home for the entire day tomorrow as well. His pre school has had more sick children.
In the end I think that Paige was finally able to have a pain free day today........................thanks to all the positive energy and prayers that was sent her way by all  of our family, friends and well wishers.

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