16 March 2012

Cytarabine Round two - Complete !!!!

I am very pleased to report that Paige has completed her four days of Cytarabine and is still in really good spirits!!

Our day started a bit earlier than usual when madame woke up at 2.45am with a dirty nappy; of course, she came into our bed afterwards, and was quite unsettled. When Sam bounded in at 6.30am she was most pleased to see him. Blood was taken at 1100 and by early evening Dr Millard called to give us the results and confirm that Paige had a urine infection which required antibiotics. She also noted that Paige's hemoglobin was down to 6.8 (normal is 12), so she will have a blood transfusion tomorrow at QA, which will take roughly three hours.

So we rushed down to QA to collect her drugs and do another blood test, so that she could be matched for a transfusion tomorrow. The nurses at CAU were very efficient and all ready with our drugs when we arrived. They even did a full set of observations because we were a bit worried about her coughing. Her chest was clear and another review could be done tomorrow if required. All so that we could get to the train station on time to pick up Kathy, who's spending the weekend with us.

Although I was expecting it, I was still quite surprised that Paige needed a transfusion because she has been very active and in good spirits all day today. I think that having her daddy at home keeps her calm and makes her feel safe :-). In the scheme of things she has done really well on her own - this is only her third transfusion since she started treatment 11 months ago.

So here ends another phase of her treatment: she will now have a week off and start her long maintenance on March 26th. Getting to this point is such a relief for all of us, and particularly Paige who probably can't remember what it's like to have a normal tummy or feel well again. We're hoping to start introducing Soya products slowly on Monday and hopefully milk products sometime afterwards, though it may take some time. Any semblance of a normal life will be most welcomed at this stage.

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