21 March 2012

Home again

At this stage I think that I can just copy and paste Paige has been admitted to the hospital again..........

She spent all day Sunday, Monday and was then discharged on Tuesday with a schedule to review again on Wednesday (today) and again on Friday. Even though her cultures were negative she's got a pretty nasty cough and a runny nose, this combined with a suppressed immune system and simply no neutrophils to her name means that she is at risk. Her platelets have also plummeted down to 25 the lowest that she's been since diagnosis, but as of today she seems to have leveled off so hopefully she won't need a transfusion.

Her tummy still isn't great but we have reintroduced soya products on Monday and she seems to be doing ok, it was like Christmas for her on Monday when I opened her lunch box with a Soya vanilla pudding and chocolate milk, she got excited and wanted to try them all at once!

So the plan for the next couple of days is to continue with her anti-biotics at home and watch her closely. We hope that she is able to get over this bug on her own and that her platelets have a chance to regenerate. We'll head down to the hospital for another review with Dr Walker on Friday. Sam seems to be on the verge of being ill as well, he's all bunged up, as am I making it even more difficult for Paige to be well :-(

So we head back to the hospital on Friday for another review

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