10 March 2012

Not a happy bunny

Paige continues to sleep through the night in her own bed and even woke up at 7.22am this morning, she was a bit happier than yesterday but still not her usual happy self. She however continues to throw up and told us she needed anti sickness medicine even before she threw up this morning! She may not be able to speak but she certainly knows how to communicate, my clever daughter.

This pic was taken just before she was ill, kids just love boxes don't they :-)

this was taken on Wednesday, she wore her swimming costume for the entire day!

We took them to the beach today because it was such a beautiful, sunny and warm day. Sam gained confidence on his scooter really quickly and was zooming around. He's such a polite boy though, whenever there was a crowd walking past he stopped, waited for them to leave then continued. Both times when we got to any slopes on the walkway Russel panicked and Sam just sailed down and turned to stop, it was absolutely amazing to watch. As for madame Paige she didn't want to be on her tricycle but rather her buggy, but then again I did say that she's feeling a bit rubbish today. She then wanted to walk on the beach, initially she was afraid of the water but within 5 minutes she was walking right to the edge of the water and throwing pebbles in. Every time a tiny wave came to her Samuel kept shouting "she's only little, leave her alone".

So both kids had a fun afternoon and are now fast asleep. Paige has neither eaten nor drank very well today, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for her.

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