5 March 2012

Delayed Intensification II.....continues.....finally

We had yet another early start today, but in a good way....

Paige slept through the night in her own bed and sauntered over to our bed at 6.30am because she needed a new nappy. My ever thoughtful daughter of course did not let me lift her onto the bed but rather said no and pointed to her bum! We then had our early morning cuppas in bed and headed down for breakfast by 8.00am. Jenny the community nurse was at our door bright and early again at 8.03am to do bloods. Paige just sat quietly on her own as I got breakfast ready, and Jenny took her blood. This was all closely monitored and questioned by Sam of course:-). He finally went to school today and seemed quite pleased about it.
Paige on the other hand seemed to enjoy having the house, TV and all the toys to herself again.

After lunch we headed down to clinic and once again Dr Louise Millard was really pleased by how well Paige is now, she even commented that this was more like the Paige she knew and was accustomed to. We saw Joseph and Celine at clinic today and Paige was thrilled, so much so that halfway through our visit with Dr Millard Paige opened the door and wanted to leave the room!

Her blood results were quite similar to that of last Thursday's and whilst her white blood cell count has risen slightly, her neutrophils remained static at 0.5. Ideally neutrophils of at least 1.0 is required for Chemo, but given the delay, Louise felt that Paige was well enough and had already broken all the rules so that Mary Morgan may again take the decision to let her carry on with chemo.
So by late evening I got that phone call from Piam Brown saying that Paige will be expected for her Lumbar Puncture in the morning, following by Cytarabine and Cycloposphamide in the afternoon.
It will be a family event tomorrow, Sam will join us in the morning and Russell has taken the day off to help entertain Paige for some of the 5 hours that she will be hooked up to an IV then Chemo then IV again....it's going to be  a tough, long day for Paige, but I think that she is ready and so are we to support her.

Having said that when we came home from the hospital I came off the phone to find her on the window sill saying "catch.....me"

The neighbors will probably report me to child services for this!

In my prayers tonight I will wish for Paige to have a pain free week and for her tummy to settle down and cope with this week of Chemo.......

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