13 March 2012

1st Day Complete

Today felt like the longest day ever!!

Paige was up early at 6.30ish and was hungry, she wanted everything that she laid her eyes on, of course today of all days she can't have anything to eat or drink because she's having a lumbar puncture under a general anesthetic. Being hungry though meant that she is feeling good. Her lumbar puncture went smoothly and she actually slept for at least 40 minutes, she normally wakes up within 15-20 minutes of coming out. It was quite a short list today, so she had her Chemo by 11.00am but we had to wait for some potassium supplements for her. She's now down to 9.4kgs again today and her blood chemistry showed that her potassium levels were quite low, so we've now started a supplement for her which smells and tastes horrible.
Sam was a superstar today he helped me with all the doors and is so independent that by his second bathroom trip he knew exactly where to go and told me that he didn't need me. He was also quite happy to stay in the parents room by himself and watch TV whilst Paige and I did her review with the doctor.
I expected that when we came home Paige would be tired and would go to sleep, oh boy was I wrong she wanted to watch TV, play, eat, build a tower and pretty much anything that didn't involve sleep. In fact she decided that she needed a pink cup and pushed the stool and climbed on the cupboard to get it herself!

So she had a good day and drank a bit more than yesterday, her appetite isn't so good but she's snacking all day long. Tomorrow we head down to QA for her next dose of Chemo because apparently the only available nurse is ill and not at work!
So three more doses of the chemo to go and she gets a week off :-)

and before we say goodnight, Congratulations to Uncle Kevin for winning Top Advisor for the month of February !!!

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