1 October 2011

Out of the hospital now

Paige, unfortunately has been at the hospital since Wednesday morning at 1.30am, she had a temperature of 38 earlier in the evening that settled down at bedtime. Then at 11.00pm she woke up crying and didn't stop till 12.30. By then I gave her some codine and waited for her to fall asleep. As she drifted off I took once last temperature before putting her to bed. 38.4C. I called the CAU (Children's Assessment Unit) and headed down to QA knowing that we would spend the night. They started her IV anti-biotics as per protocol and gave her some Calpol for the fever. We finally settled into bed by 4.00am ish.

At 9.00am when we woke up Paige had a temperature of 40C so the gave her Calpol followed by some ibruprofen which apparently is ok if her platelets are good. She was given 4 hourly doses of Calpol to control the fever.
By midnight she had used up all her doses of Calpol and had a temperature of 40C again. She was absolutely miserable and hot. We waited till 2.30am and she was finally able to have Calpol again, after her IV anti-biotics. She woke up every hour on the hour crying.......
By 9.30am on Thursday morning we were both shattered and she had finally cooled down. We got out of bed and I remembered that I needed a new ticket for my car. Of course when I got there, I had a parking ticket! Anyway at least Paige's fever was down.
By Friday morning her blood cultures came back negative and her line swab showed the same bacteria that she had last week. Having had stable temperatures for at least 24 hours, she was switched to a once daily dose of anti-boitics and we were sent home - hooray!
Our stint at the QA was fine and PAige was absolutely spoilt by all the staff which included the outdoor doll house being scrubbed down so that she could play in it :-)
A big thank you to the Starfish crew - they were fantastic!

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