29 October 2011

See you next year mama :-(

Paige though a bit sickie fared quite well with her Chemo this week. She even ate her dinner two nights in a row! She's also a bit steadier on her feet now, she was a bit wobbly after the Tuesday marathon. Her blood results done yesterday showed that her neutrophils have finally moved up to 0.3, which makes very little sense to me given her week of Chemo go figure! I guess now that her viral illness is gone they have recovered somewhat
Last night for the first time when Paige woke up in the middle of the night she got her taggy and walked over to our bed with a huge smile of her face.
Sadly after 6 months, mummy has to return home to take care of her baby and my best friend, Kevin who will undergo major surgery on Wednesday next week. It is always so traumatic when close family are ill and you can't be with them.
Anyway a huge thank you to my mummy for her unconditional love and support for the last six months, she will be missed by all of us. Including all the folks that had the pleasure of her curry and roti :-(

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