19 October 2011

Chemotherapy still delayed

After doing bloods bright and early on Monday morning, so that a plan could be made for the rest of the week, the results were very disappointing. Paige's neutrophils are NAUGHT, yup that means that she cannot have any treatments this week and she will be delayed for yet another week. Of course this is not a new scenario for us but it does drag up the old concerns and worries. Paige experienced a similar delayed after induction was completed and before consolidation began. So the new plan is that blood will be done again on Monday and her Lumbar Puncture will be done on Tuesday pf next week and the blood results will determine whether another bone marrow is required. The reasons for her neutrophils recovering so slowly could be
1) she hasn't recovered from the last set of chemo that was given
2) she could have another infection. She's just had two already and the bugs keep crawling in since Sam started preschool
3) she has had a relapse - god forbid
Of course by Tuesday morning our wonderful POONS (Pediatric Oncology Outreach Nurse Specialist) Naomi called to reassure me that I shouldn't worry about the delay, because it happens all the time with kids on this protocol.
So forward we march, despite Paige having literally no neutrophils she is still happy and carrying on with her life completely unperturbed, her greatest worry being "what should I put in my mouth next?"

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