7 October 2011

Good News - line site looks alot better

Paige and Sam took turns waking up every hour last night, Sam at 1.00am and in our bed then Paige at 2.00am and in our bed, out for Sam, then Paige again at 3.00am asking for milk followed by Sam at 3.15am saying there was a monster in his room. By then we gave up split forces and got some sleep :-)

When Paige woke up at 8.30am her line site looked really good and the lump seems to be gone based on my examination, she even ate breakfast for the first time this week and she even ate a bit of fruit.
Unfortunately but not surprising her neutrophils are still at 0.1 so she will not be able to start her chemotherapy on Tuesday, she needs a minimum of 0.75 to begin the next bit of this round of chemo.

that's it for now, looking forward to a quiet weekend

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