4 October 2011

The Wait and See game

Paige and I made the trip to the Day Ward today to have her line accessed. I must say that I was quite apprehensive and didn't sleep much last night but my precious daughter must sense that so she woke this morning and tucked herself under my arm and we just lay there a cuddled for about 20 mins, then she got bored and got of the bed.
Anyway Mary examined the line and so did one of the surgeons, they both believe that it may be the cuff but have advised that we should continue with the anti-biotics and give it a chance to work. Apparently we have been extremely luckily that Paige's line has been so good for such a long time. So that grand plan of action is that we wait and see how she responds to the anti biotics and see how she responds. We were also warned to be prepared for lots more infections, so it may be less smooth sailing from now off. Of course the timing couldn't be worse sine mummy leaves at the end of next month!
On the bright side Paige had her first curry and roti made by especially for her by her grandma and she absolutely loved it! But as the Trinis would say, she have a real 'meat mouth' she loves meat and won't eat anything else as long as meat is on offer.
So onward and forward as I continue to administer her anti biotics till Saturday

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