26 October 2011

Happy Divali and the Chemo continues

Paige wasn't a particularly happy bunny today, she had quite a restless night and eventually woke up at 4.00am and was sick. She eventually fell asleep after 5.30am and some anti-sickness medicine. When she woke up she was not particularly interested in any milk. She's really clever though, if her tummy is ill she won't have any food. She also seemed quite unsteady today and fell over quite a few times. Her cytarabine continued today, with more doses tomorrow and Friday.
We celebrated Divali today for the first time in England, mummy cooked all the yummy food and I even helped with the sweets! Eveyone that came over really enjoyed the food and both Sam and Paige were wonderful hosts. By 8.00pm though Paige was completely shattered and needed her bed. The kids also loved the deeyas and they both looked so gorgeous in their traditional outfits.
Dr Mary Morgan called this afternoon with excellent news, Paige's flow cytometry results were in and it was all clear, so her leukemia is not back, thank god, her bone marrow is just recovering slowly. So our minds are at peace again and we can have some much needed sleep.
Good night all and may mother Lakshmi's blessings reach us all by the end of the day.

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