25 September 2011


Early entry today....

3 weeks on and this block of Chemo has not let me down in terms of how challenging I expected it to be. Of course everything is more complicated by the fact that Paige has an infection and requires daily IV antibiotics, so we've now been to the hospital everyday since Tuesday last week and we are due again tomorrow. Paige is still completely distressed and not herself at all, I can now see the teeth poking through her gum, so hopefully the worst of it is over. I've now been taught how to draw up and administer her IV anti-biotics so hopefully next time if she's well we'll have less trips to the hospital.
5 months on and her treatment is really starting to take its toll on all of us. I'm beginning to both feel and see the signs of both physical and emotional wear and tear on the entire family. Paige keeps trekking on and so do we....
This is her week off to recover and if her neutrophils are above 0.75 by this friday she will begin her next round of Chemo in this block next week with a lumbar puncture, followed by Cyclophospamide and four consecutive days of Cytarabine, as well as Mercaptupurine.

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