1 October 2011

Sunny Saturday

It was really nice to wake up in my own bed this morning and Paige must have been pretty pleased to be at home as well, she actually slept through the night in her cot till 6.45am! wow that's the most sleep either of us have had in months. She must have been thrilled not to be woken up at 2.00am for her IV anti-biotics. Next time she has a fever I am taking to the hospital at a more sensible time :-)
Even though I have now been taught to administer her IV anti biotics I chose to take her to CAU since this was only her second dose of this new anti biotics. Apparently you can have more of a  reaction to the anti botic by the second dose, not necessarily the first. Anyway her line was a bit red and swollen again so we asked for her to see the doctor on the unit. She asked for the consultant to have a look as well, so they've done another swab and we were sent home given that she doesn't have a temperature and she's on all the anti biotics required anyway.
So hopefully we'll have a nice quiet day at home tomorrow and I'll administer her IV anti biotics. I think that I've been to the QA enough over the last two weeks! In all of this Paige has kept her spirits up as usual and charms everyone, so much so that I think that we were discharged early because she doesn't look ill :-)

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