15 October 2011

More quiet time

This week has been particularly uneventful. Bloods on Monday confirmed as suspected that neutrophils were too low at 0.3 to begin chemo on Tuesday. Her next bit of chemo in this block will start with a lumbar puncture in the AM followed by Cyclophosphamide and Cytarabine in the PM. Cytarabine will continue for the next three days at home.
She's been well this week, and been getting into alot of trouble! She loves watching nursery rhymes on the computer and bangs on the keyboard if I select one that she either doesn't like or doesn't recognize. Stupidly today it took me about 5 mins and a near restart to work out that the internet didn't work because she had switched off the wireless button! She's also taken to dancing whenever there is music on and she's got quite alot of rhythm too :-)
She's looking really well though, despite her hair loss.....

The plan for next week is that bloods are taken at home bright and early at 8.00am, so that a plan for the week can be generated. Really hoping that she can start this week, she's now been delayed two weeks already.

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