8 September 2011

Day 3

Paige had a much better than expected sleep last night, of course it helped that I left her in our bed rather than her cot. She had a slightly better day today, didn't throw up and had at least two good meals. I'm not sure if it's cause she's feeling better or because I was much more vigilant with the anti sickness. She's not needed it before so I always try not to over medicate her. She's not too pleased about having medication every 4 hours though. Worst of all I think that she really doesn't know what to do with herself with the high doses of the current steroid. Her oncology nurse Wilf said to me 'it messes with the kids physiologically', but what does it do to a 14 month old ?? Anyway just a couple more days. Tomorrow she has what's called Pegylated Asparaginase which is a chemotherapy drug that is administered via the muscle, it will be done at QA. Russell held her for her last two so I'm not looking forward to tomorrow at all, but I'm sure Paige will keep me calm. We'll need to stay for an hour after the drug is administered to ensure that there are no allergic reactions.
She's becoming a proper little girl now and throws tantrums if she can't get what she wants and this includes but is not limited to throwing herself on the ground and having a good cry tears and all, if I won't let her go outside.
Her big brother Sam continues to love his new school and came home with smiley faces for being 'a good listener' and 'doing good work'.
It was pretty amazing to watch as he walked in the door this afternoon, Paige toddled over straight to him and held her arms out for a big cuddle, they both just stood there in the doorway holding each other for a couple of seconds, the most beautiful sight in the world........

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  1. Poor baby, but what a brave little girl. My prayers continue for all of you as Paige continues this difficult journey.
    I hope you were able to take a photo of the Paige and Sam hugging when he came home from school. What a precious image, even if just in your heart.
    Auntie Nancy