21 September 2011

Overnight at Hotel QA

Yesterday Paige was due her third dose of vincristine and doxarubicin at QA at 1.30pm. When I changed her I noticed a very red, angry looking line site that appeared to be swollen as well. Of course I packed our bags and headed down to QA, I must admit I was quite worried having not seen her line like that before. One look at the line site and Wilf agreed that one of the consultants should have a look, luckily though she didn't have a temperature. Louise looked at her and prescribed anti-biotics, this time we're using a non-penicillin based drugs given Paige's previous rashes. They also decided that she was clinically very well and we should go ahead with her chemotherapy. This anti-biotic is needed every 12 hours for the first 24 hours and daily thereafter, so I was given the option to spend the night or go home. I opted to spend the night and be safe.
Mummy is still here so Sam is well looked after. Sam's childminder Laura, the gem that she is picked up Sam from pre-school on Tuesday and was also happy to drop and pick him up on Wednesday, so we were all sorted - Thank you Laura!
Paige got a mystery rash at 6.00pm that disappeared within 15 minutes, so additional bloods were done at 2.00am when her anti-biotics were due. She has not developed a fever and her C Reactive Protein is less than 5 so we were discharged after her anti-biotics at 2.00pm today. The results of her blood cultures will not be available for 48 hours, so she will continue to have daily anti-biotics until they're in, they're expecting that she'll need another blood transfusion soon so we're back at QA on Friday morning at 10.00am for a review.
Our stay at QA was uneventful this time round and the nurses and other staff assigned to us were very attentive, accommodating and very much on the ball with her meds and needs. We stayed at The Shipwrecked ward which is the post surgery ward rather that the Starfish ward where we usually stay, not sure if that made a difference? Now that Paige is on the move it was quite difficult to keep her both entertained and in her room but everyone on the ward helped to keep her smiling and happy.
Anyway we're back at home and Paige's line is looking good and she is fast asleep, poor heart she didn't have a good night last night and didn't get much sleep either. She's also on day 2 of dexamethazone which isn't going to help her mood :-(

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