22 September 2011

Paige is not a happy girl

Poor heart, Paige is obviously feeling ill, it could be becauset she just had her third round of chemo, or that she's coming down with something, has a nasty line infection or maybe she's teething. Whatever it is, she is not a happy camper at all. She's also not eating despite the large dose of steroids that she's taking. She's spent most of her day crying and being severely unhappy, haven't seen her like this for awhile.
In addition to a rough day when the community nurse arrived to give her her anti-biotocs she expected that I had the drugs which I didn't.The hospital never informed the community team that they needed to pick up the drugs, so the poor nurse had to leave the house collect the anti-biotics all the way at the hospital and then come back home to administer it, on top of this the pharmacy put the wrong concentration of heparin (200 units in 2ml instead of 50 units in 5ml - 10 times stronger!!!) this is an anti clogging agent that is administered after Paige's central line had been used. Good job the nurse knew what she was doing!!!! I certainly won't be leaving the hospital without her drugs or prescription again. I guess they figured that we don't have enough shit to worry about so they'd like to give us some more.
We're off to see the consultant tomorrow and hopefully her culture results are back as well and we'll have a plan for the next couple of days in terms of anti-biotics usage and hopefully what's ailing her.

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