11 September 2011

A sumptous lunch followed by an afternoon out

My darling Paige was very unhappy and particularly grumpy today, (day 6 of Dex). She ate reasonably well, and she's definitely her father's daughter. She absolutely enjoyed and demolished the delicious pork that her daddy cooked today. So despite her low neutrophils, we went to Victoria Park for the Piam Brown's children fun afternoon. Both kids had a fantastic time riding on the small train and then on to activities and tea in the function room. Paige spent most of the afternoon roaming the grounds and toddling around the room with her Aunt Rosemary who came over for lunch today. While Sam and I enjoyed the games. Of course Andrew and Russell stayed at home to watch formula1 and drink beer. So a good day was had by all and my two tired but happy kids are off to bed.
This entry however would be incomplete without a big well done! to my husband who made the most delicious lunch all by himself, I simply set the table.

 cream of butternut squash and coriander soup, with homemade herb bread
smoked pork loin with a mushroom risotto and roasted red peppers
rum souffle with home-made rum & raisin ice cream (heavy on the rum)

1 comment:

  1. Great to read about the kids having a fun day in the midst of Paige's grim treatment. Her spirit and resilience are awe-inspiring.
    Russ - lunch sounds absolutely scrumptious. I assume you'll have everything down pat by the time I make my next trip to the UK...
    Auntie Nancy